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Kiki Kogelnik: Now Is the Time

Edited by Ingried Brugger, Lisa Ortner-Kreil

Texts by Sylvie Fleury, Flavia Frigeri, Cathérine Hug, Marie Laurberg,

Lisa Ortner-Kreil, Mai-Thu Perret, Birgitte Thorsen Vilslev

Designed by Hannah Feldmeier (Kehrer Design)

English / German

2023, 280 pages, 173 color ills.

22.5 x 29.5 cm

Kehrer Verlag

ISBN: 978-3-96900-107-3

Available through Kehrer Verlag

Kiki Kogelnik: Falling

Text by Stephen Hepworth
Designed by John Zinons


2021, 74 pages, 48 ills.

Digital publication available online


This catalogue was published in conjunction with the solo exhibition

Kiki Kogelnik: Falling at Kayne Griffin, Los Angeles, July 10 - August 28, 2021.

Kiki Kogelnik - Les cyborgs ne sont pas respectueuses

Texts by David Lemaire, Jill Gasparina, Marie Gaitzsch, Sara Petrucci
Designed by Onlab


2020, 164 pages, 96 ills.

17 x 23.5 cm


Art&Fiction Publications
ISBN: 978-2-940570-97-3

Available through Art&Fiction Publications

This catalogue was published on the occasion of Kiki Kogelnik's first institutional solo exhibition in Switzerland at the Musée des beaux-arts de La Chaux-de-Fonds, February 23 - September 20, 2020. 

Kiki Kogelnik

Text by Dana Miller

Designed by Matthew Polhamus


2019, 76 pages, 49 ills.
24.1 x 27.9 cm


Mitchell-Innes & Nash

ISBN 978-0-9986312-8-8

Available through Artbook

This catalogue was published to accompany Kiki Kogelnik's inaugural solo show with Mitchell-Innes & Nash at the gallery's Chelsea location, May 23 - July 12, 2019. The fully illustrated publication features paintings, sculptures and works on paper by Kogelnik spanning two decades, from the early 1960s to the late 80s. The essay by Dana Miller gives a new and insightful overview of the artist's oeuvre of those years.

Kiki Kogelnik, Inner Life

Texts by Jenni Sorkin, Wendy Vogel

Designed by Alexander Nussbaumer


2017, 120 pages, 55 ills.

24.50 x 30.50 cm

Clothbound hardcover

Hatje Cantz Verlag

ISBN 978-3-7757-4337-2

Available through Hatje Cantz

Rediscovery of the only Austrian Pop artist

Kiki Kogelnik (1935–1997) worked in the United States for almost four decades, for many years on an equal level with pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. However her work was overlooked for a long time. Kogelnik, who lived and worked in Vienna and New York, investigated themes related to politics, social criticism, the space age and the human body through her often colourful paintings, sculptures, collages and installations. She also experimented with new materials of the time such as vinyl. Kunsthall Stavanger and the Kiki Kogelnik Foundation have worked together to organise Inner Life, a comprehensive overview focussing on her sculptural works. The exhibition, as well as the abundantly illustrated catalogue present several works that have not been shown since the 1960s, as well as performances and happenings by the influential artist.

Exhibition: 30.3.–13.8.2017,

Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway

Kiki Kogelnik, Fly Me to the Moon, Publication, 2015, Cover

Kiki Kogelnik, Fly Me to the Moon

Texts by Dr Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, Ciara Moloney

Designed by Anaïs Horn and Alexander Nussbaumer


2015, 75 pages, 54 ills.

19 x 25 cm


Modern Art Oxford

ISBN 978-1901352641

Available through Modern Art Oxford

This catalogue was published to coincide with the first solo exhibition in the UK of acclaimed Austrian artist Kiki Kogelnik (1935-1997) at Modern Art Oxford. Working in New York in the 1960s, Kogelnik was a well-known artist and contemporary of figures such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Throughout her career, Kogelnik employed an exuberant palette, which belied its often apocalyptic subjects; from macabre skulls and severed limbs to disembowelled figures. These deathly bodies, rendered disposable in an increasingly mechanized world, sound a note of caution in an era continually transformed by new technology.

This is a survey of Kogelnik’s creative practice and considers her journey and contribution in the context of postwar society. The publication contains 56 colour images, covering all works featured in the exhibition. Produced in association with and generously supported by the Kogelnik Foundation.

Kiki Kogelnik, Retrospective, Publication, 2013, Cover

Kiki Kogelnik, Retrospective

Texts by Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer, Alexandra Hennig, Susanne Längle, Hans-Peter Wipplinger

Designed by Nele Steinborn

English and German

2013. 194 pages, 190 ills.

25.50 x 21 cm


Moderne Kunst Nürnberg 

ISBN 978 3 901261 52 7 

Kiki Kogelnik (1935-1997) is one of the most important exponents of 20th –century Austrian art on the international stage. Her multifaceted work produced a kaleidoscope of visual worlds that impressively unfold in this publication, opening up new and unexpected views of an outstanding artist. The exhibited works range from graphic art to abstract-informal compositions to Pop-Art influenced paintings that cast a critical light on progressive utopianism along with the media world’s ideals of beauty. Vinyl Hangings as well as works from her sculptural and painterly late oeuvre, which evidence her use of a postmodern type of irony, complete the publication. It reveals Kogelnik’s oeuvre as a unique example of artistic autonomy and an idiosyncratic reflection of the social reality that she encountered and critically examined. 

Published for the 2013 Retrospective at Kunsthalle Krems, this volume offers  broad, illustrated survey of many previously unknown works as well as documents from all phases of the artist’s creative life, several assays and a details chronology of the life and work of Kiki Kogelnik. 

Kiki Kogelnik, I Have Seen the Future, Publication, 2012, Cover

Kiki Kogelnik, I Have Seen the Future

Texts by Angela Stief, Annette Tietenberg, Florian Waldvogel

Designed by Christoph Steinegger

English and German

2012, 216 pages, 100 ills.

24.50 x 16.50 cm


Snoeck Verlag

ISBN 978-3-86442-024-5

Available through Snoeck Verlag

All dreams are in us prophetic

Rockets, guns, body fragments, collages, stencils, spray paints and crazy colours are the characteristic elements that populate Kiki Kogelnik’s multicoloured universe. Kogelnik was born in 1935 in Graz and grew up in Klagenfurt, Carinthia. After her time at the Vienna Academy, she left for the USA in 1961, ultimately settling in New York City in 1962. It is then no accident that the East-Coast Pop Art canon, popularised by her male counterparts at this time, resonates in her work. But contrary to the material games or pronounced brand fetishism of her contemporaries, the young Austrian hoisted the standard of expanding consciousness and, from Pop Art’s very inception, viewed the relationship between the love of technology and conquest mentality with an extremely critical eye. It is possible to see this in her paintings, alternatively they can be read as critical statements, as well as a naïve contemporary witness to sixties’ euphoria. Utopia is the magic watchword that sums up Kiki Kogelnik’s formal and thematic peregrinations; she is interested in transformation, in overcoming the perplexities of space and time, and she always considered the present to be the start of a better future. Small wonder than that she espoused Women’s Lib and, from that point on, devoted herself to issues of gender affiliation. The retrospective exhibition at the Kunstverein Hamburg and the elaborately designed and printed catalogue, bear eloquent witness to all these various stages in the oeuvre of an unusual artist. 

Kiki Kogelnik, Hangings, Publication, 1996/97, Cover

Kiki Kogelnik, Hangings

Texts by Peter Noever, Jo Anna Isaak

Designed by Maria Anna Friedl

English and German

1996. 76 pages, 72 ills.

24 x 15 cm


SWD-ID: 42584541 

Published by MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts on the occasion of the exhibition Kiki Kogelnik: Hangings at MAK-Galerie in 1996/97.